FastBraces is an American classic celebrating its quarter of a century anniversary. It is now in over 50 countries and is just now catching on in the USA.
The four major advantages of using FastBraces Technology over using traditional "old Style" braces align and beautify teeth are as follows: 

1)significant time reduction in an era where time is more valuable than ever. People don't have a lot of extra time now a days. This is why texting is so ubiquitous, due to the fact that it is the most efficient mode of communication. Fastbraces is the most effective and efficient mode of orthodontic treatment. It is just gaining ground but is sure to be the main application of comprehensive ortho in the near future.

2)Fastbraces eliminate the need for extractions, circumventing the collapsed facial profiles and allowing for a full beautiful smile with fuller lips which are especially important to the female population as overall facial esthetics are vastly improved. No one wants healthy teeth to have to be removed as is often the case with traditional "old style" orthodontics. 

3)Less pain! The FastBraces system is far safer in that it distributes less force per unit squared over the entire length of the root surface whereas traditional orthodontics concentrate forces at the root apex and neck of the tooth potentially causing pressure necrosis and hyalinization contributing irreversible bone loss blunting or shortening of the root apices or tips and significantly more intra -operative pain. Traditional orthodontics by design impart significantly larger forces per unit squared as compared to the FastBraces technology. 

4)Fastbraces are about half the cost of traditional orthodontics because the dentist can complete the process in less than half the time! 

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